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Jermei, a Shenzhen customized medical device manufacturer, provides customers with exclusive design, research and development, production and other one-stop OEM/ODM cooperation, captures market demand, quickly designs more artistic products for customers, and allows customers to quickly occupy the market to make a profit.

Medicine separate cup

Medicine separate cup

The medicine cup adopts a separate design, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection

Cool mode and warm mode

Cool mode and warm mode

The atomizer adopts two modes:cool and warm,choose your favorite mode as you like

Atomization volume

Atomization volume

There are 2 modes:low and high

Colorful package

Colorful package

Well-designed color box packaging

OEM / ODM processing advantageTo provide you with better customized solutions

Quality Assurance / International Standard Factory

The factory has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification, and its products have obtained a number of national patent certifications, and have passed RoHS, CE, FCC, FDA, CQC, IPX7 and other testing certifications conducted by authoritative organizations.


Manufacturer strength

The factory has 3 production lines, 22 plastic machines, 38 hardware punching machines, with a monthly production capacity of 100,000+ pieces to ensure supply. There is also a full set of testing instruments: Shore hardness tester, digital display push-pull tester, salt spray tester, digital display torque meter, electrical parameter tester, pressure tester, toothbrush machine air tightness tester, drum air tightness test Equipment, etc., 100% inspection to ensure quality.

3 automated production lines, 22 plastic machines, 38 hardware punches, 300 elite staff

R & D strength / Exclusive design R & D team

Our own design team responds quickly, designing the appearance, structure, brush head, etc. of the fuselage on demand, and more than 30 years of product development experience team, independent research and development of circuits, motors, intelligent systems, etc. The success rate of new product development is as high as 99%, 10 per year The remaining new products are mass-produced, and the level of research and development is higher than that of many peers.

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OEM/ODMOEM / ODM cooperation process

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Brand introduction: Shenzhen Jermei Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (registered trademark Jermei, abbreviation: Jermei), established in 2018, is a leading domestic personal health care product ---- integrated production of development, production and sales Business, committed to providing global human health, personal care...